Our Kiln Dried Logs are sourced from sustainable forests in eastern Europe where the growing conditions for the Ash trees that supply us with our logs are perfect for producing outstanding firewood. Using a kiln to dry out the wood ensures the moisture content is minimal and your logs are ready for burning on your fire or stove.

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Kiln Dried Logs are clean-burning, give a high-heat output that leave less flue and chimney residue than unseasoned, seasoned or semi-seasoned firewood. You may have found that seasoned logs or semi-dried logs are cheaper than kiln dried logs but when you consider that they emit less heat, spit more and leave more residue in your flue liner, which can be potentially damaging to your chimney and flue, your initial saving can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Our Kiln Dried Logs are produced from hardwood Ash trees and are all uniformly cut to approximately 25cm lengths to ensure they will fit snugly in your appliance but are large enough to provide a lengthy burn time. The kiln drying process removes most of the moisture within each log to levels of less than 20%. This means you’ll get a fire that’ll light very easily and burn with a roaring flame, perfect to create that warm living room setting.

You simply cannot get better firewood than Kiln Dried Ash Logs for your domestic fires.

Never burn freshly-cut wood as it creates a lot of smoke, burns inefficiently and makes your stove dirty.
Which? Using a wood burning stove (Nov 16)

Kiln Dried Logs

Our Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash Logs are the perfect choice for burning firewood on your open fire or log burner. With moisture levels of less than 20% you’re guaranteed an long lasting, roaring fire.
Available in small or bulk quantities (see below)

  • Hardwood Ash logs
  • Less than 20% moisture content
  • Approx 4.5kWh per kg output
  • Approx 25cm cut length
  • Calorific values can be found here

Kindling Sticks

Kindling sticks are extremely helpful when starting your coal or log fire. They ignite quickly and burn long enough for the kiln dried logs, house coal or smokeless fuel on top of them to catch fire. Trying to start a fire with firelighters or newspaper alone can be very tricky and extremely frustrating if the fire goes out before the logs or coal have become alight. Remove the stress and hassle with these effective fire-starting sticks.

  • Very dry wood
  • Convenient and effective
  • Perfect length and shape for constructing a base to build your fire on.
  • Packaged in convenient string nets

Purchasing Options

    Nets of Logs and Sticks
    Ready to collect or delivered to your home. Packed for convenience in string nets.

    Kiln Dried Log Sack
    Loose Kiln Dried Logs delivered to your home in cubic metre bulk sacks.

    Kiln Dried Log Crate
    Loose Kiln Dried Logs delivered to your home in cubic metre crates.